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TTPThrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura
TTPTriathlon Training Program
TTPTehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan
TTPThiamine Pyrophosphate (chemical compound)
TTPTrust the Process (slogan)
TTPTime to Progression
TTPTo The Point (software)
TTPThe Technology Partnership (UK)
TTPThe Tipping Point
TTPThrough the Partition (welding)
TTPTrusted Third Party
TTPTemporary to Permanent (employment)
TTPTypical Thermal Power
TTPThermal Transfer Printing
TTPTime to Perform
TTPThermal Transfer Paper
TTPTime Triggered Protocol
TTPTime Triggered Protocol (communication protocol for fault-tolerant real-time systems)
TTPThe Tea Party
TTPTechnology Transition Plan (US DoD)
TTPTurn the Page
TTPTechnology Transfer Program
TTPThymidine Triphosphate
TTPTotal Package (song)
TTPThe Total Package (former WCW wrestler)
TTPTime to Pay (payment agreement)
TTPTaos Talking Pictures (film festival)
TTPTocopherol Transfer Protein
TTPThermal-Transfer Printing
TTPTaking the Piss (British)
TTPThe Technology People (various organizations)
TTPThe TTP Project (Dilbert)
TTPTactics, Techniques & Procedures
TTPToyota Tsusho Petroleum (Singapore)
TTPTechniques, Tactics and Procedures
TTPThe Tracking Project (New Mexico)
TTPTime to Perigee (US NASA)
TTPTea Tree Plaza (Adelaide, AU)
TTPTenderness to Palpation
TTPTrailer Transfer Point
TTPTable Type Pattern (networking)
TTPTrail Termination Point
TTPTimed Token Protocol
TTPTri-Tribute Project (Japan)
TTPTotal Tragic Perm
TTPTelephone Twisted Pair
TTPTurf Toe Productions (gaming clan)
TTPTechnical Task Plan
TTPThermal Trip (computing)
TTPTexas TeamPlayers (gaming group)
TTPTransition to Production
TTPTechnology Transfer Programm
TTPTotal Transmit Power
TTPTape To Print
TTPTotal Training Package
TTPTechnical Test Plan
TTPTrunk Test Position (Nortel)
TTPTattoo the Planet (music festival)
TTPTelecommunications Tactical Plan
TTPTrainer Test Procedures
TTPTraining Tactics & Procedures
TTPTactical Targeting Program
TTPTotal Task Periodicity
TTPThe Transducer Players
TTPTrusted Time Product
TTPTraditional Tobacco Products
TTPTraditional Training Program
TTPTechnical Training Plan
TTPThrough-Thickness Properties (steel)
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We have omitted the adjective 'prosperous' from our wishes, in case anyone thought we were taking the piss or engaging in black humour.
I thought about spreading my stake across the three of them, but feared that would have looked like I was taking the piss. I had PS50 with William Hill (nice to finally meet him), who gave me 3-1 as a gesture of goodwill.
"My brother (Josh) is a real piss taker and I thought he was taking the piss. I was like; 'You're joking,'" The Daily Telegraph quoted her as saying.
They just kept taking the piss. Fair play to them."
Nevertheless Patrick found the process and the judges' feedback invaluable, humbly taking onboard their comments about him "pratting about", going off on tangents and taking the piss out of audience members rather than sticking to his written material.
While the provinces including Kybher Pukhtunkhwa were criticised for their adamant stance against the construction of Kala Bagh Dam (KBD) by pro-central politicians and economists, yet the federal government had also been taking the piss out of Sindh by raising the issue of dam construction on and off.
Also, I realised I'd been taking the piss out of popstars for about eight years or something and I slowly realised every time I was really just having a go at myself or my father or something.
It's not a smile of 'Oh I'm taking the piss; what is this!'; it's more like 'Wow how cool is this'," Maanani, a French citizen who has lived in Cairo for the past two years, said laughing.
Someone is taking the piss - in more ways than one.
Keating: If you have done remixes yourself, you know the process, so you can spot when someone is taking the piss. Especially when they can't be bothered getting things in key.
If you meet Ed, you realize that most of the boasting is fake, a mockery of tough talk, taking the piss out of those who take themselves too seriously.
Later, he added: "Some people won't take offers for less than pounds 1,000 but that's taking the piss."