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TALEATechnical Assistance for Law Enforcement in the 21st Century Act (Canada)
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Es el fruto de la generosidad de un pequeno grupo de cinco voluntarios, cuyos nombres desconocemos, salvo el de Peter Bloom, quienes, ante el fracaso de Talea de Castro para lograr vencer las exigencias de Telcel para instalar el servicio celular, les propusieron una alternativa.
After repeated rejection from Telcel and other companies, residents of Villa Talea de Castro decided to explore other alternatives to install a means of communication, which was particularly important for residents with relatives who had emigrated to other cities in Mexico and the US.
Oaxaca, Talea, Sierra San Pedro Nolasco, 1843-44, C.
650' W) Petrejoides recticornis San Miguel Talea de Castro, Oaxaca (17[grados]19.
57) See Talea Miller, "Explosive" Growth in Foreign Drug Testing Rasies Ethical Questions, (Aug.
5 OLGA NEUWIRTH AND THE TALEA ENSEMBLE (Bohemian National Hall, New York, May 24) Olga Neuwirth's audacious yet subtle use of timbre always puts me on the edge of my seat, and I loved the Austrian Cultural Forum-sponsored performance of her music by the Talea Ensemble, one of today's hot contemporary music bands.
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Al Talea School in Al Ain
Techiniche di moltiplicazione per talea erbacea e semilegnosa di alcuni portinesti del pero.
Saeco USA presented a number of updates to its Talea line of espresso makers--the Talea Ring Plus, the Talea Touch and the Talea Giro.
According to local sources in Harf Sifyan district, Sheikh Abdullah Mohammed Talea, Ali Saleh Talea, Shoai Edaira and his brother Mohammed Edaira and Mujahid Edaira were freed Sunday after being held captive by Houthis for more than two months.
Lopez-Ferrari OAXACA: 32 km 3096 UAMIZ 42947 despues de Capulalpan y 21 despues de La Trinidad, rumbo a Talea de Castro G.