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TALINTactical Advanced Land Inertial Navigator (land combat vehicles)
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Talin, of Dunston, had been picked as a mascot for the friendly between the two clubs after bosses at Gateshead heard about his battle to get back on his feet.
The initial efforts will begin in 2015 for the TALIN 2000 with production and manufacturing of the system components expected by 2016.
By partnering with Tata Power SED on the production of Talin we are aligning with the government's aim of increasing locally manufactured technologies for India's defense industry and giving the Indian Armed Forces an easy-to-justify option for navigation on the 21st Century battlefield.
En el caso de las maniobras en las costas de Estonia de mayo de este ano, fueron seis mil los uniformados participantes, mientras Talin espera una mayor presencia de tropas y medios de combate de la alianza atlantica en ese diminuto pais del Baltico.
The acts included Jruzz Merca, a Dubai-based Commercial photographer and videographer; contemporary dance duo Guin and Talin Harbiyan; solo dancer Tara Tibos; poets Dbelle Gutierrez, and Zeina Hashem Beck; filmmaker Faisal Hashmi; and musicians Behold the Locus, and The Younglings.
Talin, working for the CIA and manages at first to wreck a project assigned to him.
Little Talin Tremlett, a 19-month-old from Gateshead, was born with severe talipes - or club foot - which is when the foot appears rotated internally at the ankle.
These include: Khalid Mezaina; Layan Attari; ME[micro]bius Design Studio; Nada AlYafaei; Talin Hazbar; and Tulip Hazbar.
Talin Avakian, who was hired to join the video and production department, will help in shooting and editing video content for projects like television commercials and Web videos.
The aim of the trip to the city of Talin was to work on a project where the young people would learn employability skills while giving something back to the local community.
Sisters Dana and Talin al-Sawda died instantly when their car hit the side of the road, while Sami Damaa survived.