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TEVToday's English Version (the Good News Bible Translation)
TEVThromboembolie Veineuse (French: Venous Thromboembolism)
TEVTotal Economic Value
TEVTobacco Etch Virus
TEVThe Elegant Variation
TEVTotal Economic Value (economics)
TEVThermostatic Expansion Valve
TEVTotal Enterprise Value
TEVTera Electron Volt
TEVTobacco Etch Potyvirus
TEVTracked Electric Vehicle (open source initiative; car project)
TEVTeflon Encapsulated Viton
TEVTalipes Equino Varus (club foot deformity)
TEVTurbo Electric Vessel
TEVTotal Equipment Value
TEVTest, Evaluation, and Verification
TEVTiming Error Variance
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Among them 10 babies had hydrocephalus, 7 were born with congenital talipes equino varus, 11 were anencephaly babies and 6 were gastroschisis.
The performed surgery was mainly complex multiple soft tissue procedures, corrective foot surgery for severe talipes equino varus club foot and limb reconstruction procedures for deformity and lengthening.
Management of congenital talipes equino varus (CTEV) by Ponseti casting technique in neonates: our experience.
4-10) Tenotomy of the tendo-achillis is essential to correct the equinus deformity to gain dorsiflexion and required in almost 85% of cases of Congenital Talipes Equino Varus (CTEV) treated with Ponseti technique.
Musculo-skeletal--This includes cervical vertebral fusion defects, radial limb anomalies and talipes equino varus deformity.
Aquired talipes equino varus (trauma, burns, neurogenic, muscular dystrophies-, AMC, Teratological-etc).
INTRODUCTION: Clubfoot or Congenital Talipes Equino Varus (CTEV) is a commonly seen complex congenital deformity of the foot.
In our case, the congenital anomalies found in association with Iniencephaly and Anencephaly were Exomphalos Major (Ruptured) and Talipes Equino Varus.