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TTOThis Trip Only (casino credit)
TTOTalk To (command in the LOGO programming language)
TTOTrinidad and Tobago (ISO Country code)
TTOTea Tree Oil
TTOTractor Trailer Operator
TTOTechnology Transfer Office
TTOThermal Transfer Overprinting (various companies)
TTOTime Trade-Off
TTOTotal Toxic Organics
TTOTo Take Out (prescriptions in hospital discharge summary)
TTOTactical Technology Office (DARPA)
TTOTortoise Capital Resources Corporation (stock symbol)
TTOTriple Trend Oscillator (finance)
TTOTranstracheal Oxygen
TTOTraining Time Out
TTOThree True Outcomes (baseball)
TTOToonTown Online (game)
TTOTechnology Transition Office (US DoD)
TTOTransmission Top-Off (automotive assembly)
TTOTechnical Task Order
TTOTransient Tracers in the Oceans
TTOTrailing Throttle Oversteer
TTOTriple Tibial Osteotomy (veterinary medicine)
TTOTest Time Objective (disaster recovery)
TTOTool Try Out
TTOTechnical Training Organization (Texas Instruments, Inc.)
TTOTime to Onset (medical manifestation)
TTOTransition to Operations
TTOTactile Technology Office
TTOThermal Transfer Overlay (printers)
TTOTechnical Training Officer
TTOTourist Third Open (railways; UK)
TTOTransnational Terrorist Organization
TTOTourism Training Organisation
TTOTanker Take Over
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But the Taliban is not yet ready to talk to the Afghan NUG negotiating team.
You talk to me through dawns of gold, and sunsets glowing red.
Nationwide, the majority of respondents (72 per cent) chose social non-romantic as a reason for talking post midnight; 48 per cent revealed they talk to discuss affairs related to their business and 47 per cent said their calls were romantic in nature.
"On the subject of talking to oneself, I bet that if they were honest, more than 90% of people would admit that they talk to themselves at one time or another.
"If you want to talk about players, then you talk to Rick Parry.
One final argument for preferring talk to drugs is fear of dependence.
But when it comes right down to it, some parents would prefer not to talk to their children about sexuality at all.
So the dad and the young Airman come over and I shake their hand and talk to them.
Still, your job as a speaker is the same: maintain eye contact whenever you talk to the audience.
We want him to talk to rank-and-file partners at practice offices, and we want him to interview staff at all levels.
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