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TALUTiered Aquatic Life Use (stream classification)
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"Then accept from Talu, Prince of Marentina," said the yellow man, "this token of my gratitude," and reaching beneath one of his wide sleeves he withdrew a bracelet and placed it upon my arm.
Talu gazed ruefully at our smooth faces and at Thuvan Dihn's red skin and my white one.
His counsel seemed wise; and as there was apparently no other way to insure a successful entry to Kadabra, the capital city of Okar, we set out with Talu, Prince of Marentina, for his little, rock-bound country.
The moment we entered the city Talu threw off his outer garments of fur, as did we, and I saw that his apparel differed but little from that of the red races of Barsoom.
For three days we remained the guests of Prince Talu, and during that time he showered upon us every attention and courtesy within his power.
Talu gave us careful directions for the journey to Kadabra, the capital city of the Okar nation, which is the racial name of the yellow men.
At regular intervals great gates give entrance to the city; but even at the distance from which we looked upon the massive pile we could see that all were closed, and, in accordance with Talu's suggestion, we deferred attempting to enter the city until the following morning.
The chance guess that they were bound upon an orluk hunt proved correct, and Talu had said that the chances were ten to one that such would be the mission of any party leaving Kadabra by the pass through which we entered the valley, since that way leads directly to the vast plains frequented by this elephantine beast of prey.
From the far north another force was moving south across the barrier cliffs--the new navy of Talu, Jeddak of Okar, coming in response to the call from the warlord.
"But Carthoris is hunting in the north with Talu, Jeddak of Okar," Uthia reminded her.
Mae Howard Huws yn hollol iawn i ddweud fod siaradwyr Cymraeg ar hyn o bryd yn talu trethi i gael difetha eu cymunedau eu hunain.
Kungla talu 'Kungla farm' (PNA, PNR) (Jur, Kos), Vaike-Kungla talu 'Small Kungla farm' (PNR) (Jur) < Kungla.