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TAMCTheory and Applications of Models of Computation (Conference)
TAMCTripler Army Medical Center
TAMCTransportation Agency for Monterey County (California)
TAMCThe Aroostook Medical Center (Presque Isle, ME)
TAMCTransgenic Animal Model Core (University of Michigan)
TAMCTotal Aerobic Microbial Count
TAMCTexas Aggies Making Changes (Texas A&M University; College Station, TX)
TAMCTexas Animal Medical Center (Waco, TX)
TAMCThai Asset Management Corp.
TAMCTexas Agricultural and Mechanical College
TAMCTraining Aids Management Office
TAMCTactical Aircraft Maintenance Company
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Essa informacao contrasta com a TAMC no CEO-R de Sobral (Tabela 2), dado o seu baixo aproveitamento, o que pode ser mais um indicativo de que as vagas estao distribuidas de forma inadequada dentro das especialidades existentes.
TAMC is determined to find the root cause of these maintenance failures regardless of where the investigation may lead.
Storage time which was studied up to 15 days has a higher effect on TAMC than various frequencies applied during so the value of increasing TAMC was higher than reduction of it during yolk liquid pasteurization process by different electromagnetic waves.
As stated in Section 2, the TAMC of A = GD can be used to analyze the behavior of sparse representations data recovery.
Stein continued and built on Stern's work as he served as the revising translator for the books of Exodus through Deuteronomy for the Union for Reform Judaism's TAMC Revised.
As an example, for dried or powdered botanicals, the recommended limit for TAMC is [10.
Roth (BPBM); 1 [female], TAMC, litter, August 1995, S.
The TAMC will centralise the management of NPLs being purchased from banks, thereby systematically and efficiently taking the lead in dealing with nonperforming assets and related corporate restructuring activities.
The automatic adjoint code generation tool TAMC [Giering 1997] applies this method.
In pursuit of its growth strategy, TAMC is undertaking a series of projects to begin its transformation into an IVC company.
This specimen, TAMC 2553, became the holotype of Bootherium brazosis Hesse, 1942, since referred by Ray (1966) to Bootherium sargenti and McDonald and Ray (1989) to Bootherium bombifrons.