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TLTeam Leader
TLTrue Love
TLThey Live (movie)
TLTexas League (AA minor league)
TLTransmission Line
TLTaylor Lautner (actor)
TLTurn Left
TLTimor Leste (East Timor, ISO code; formerly TP)
TLTough Love
TLTurbo Lister (Ebay selling tool)
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TLTarget Language (translation)
TLTeeloeffel (German: teaspoon)
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TLTenderloin (district of San Francisco, California)
TLTeología de la Liberación (Spanish: Liberation Theology)
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TLTeacher Librarian
TLTerm Loan
TLTransmission Loss
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TLTyphoon Lagoon (Disney)
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TLTough Luck
TLThreat Level
TLTarget List
TLTomorrowland (Disneyland)
TLTariff Line (various organizations)
TLTelelombardia (Italian TV Network)
TLThomson Learning
TLTransport and Logistics
TLTime Length
TLTime Lord (fictional race; Doctor Who)
TLTie Line
TLThrow Line (sports)
TLTrue Low
TLTechnical Leadership
TLTurntable Ladder (on fire/rescue vehicles)
TLTransfer Lines
TLTalk Later
TLTransmission Level
TLTangent Line (tanks and vessel industry)
TLTransition Level
TLTotal Laryngectomy
TLTask Leader
TLTurbolift (Star Trek elevator; used in simming)
TLTransform and Lighting (video accelerators)
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TLTeam Logic
TLTürk Lirasi (Turkish Lira)
TLTransports Lausannois (French; Swiss transportation company)
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TLTechnical Letter
TLTime in Lieu (timesheets)
TLThin Leaf (plant physiology)
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TLTransaction Listing
TLTechlive (TV)
TLTube Lumineux (French: Light Tube)
TLTous en Ligne (French Catholic magazine)
TLTraffic Logging
TLTransaction Length
TLTransit Lane
TLTeamLAN (LAN gaming organization)
TLTruelink, Inc.
TLThusano Lefatsheng
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TLTasking Letter
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TLTube Luminescent / Fluorescent (Light)
TLTintin Licensing (Belgium)
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In this paper, the proposed confidence region method is compared with the one-parameter approach by comparing the slopes of the tangent lines that hit the confidence region (ellipse).
gamma]) curve does not achieve the max-min criterion since there is a tangent line to [R.
After that one can approximate the function by its tangent line to estimate the location of the root and x-intercept of its tangent line is also approximated.
At 15% stem lift, the slope of a tangent line (valve sensitivity at that point) can be calculated as 40% / 25% = 1.
Naso-labial Angle (NLA): It corresponds to the angle whose vertex is the subnasal point, lying in a tangent line to the nasal tip and another tangent line to the upper lip (Fig.
That makes sense, because in a tailwind, moving the origin away from the curve results in the tangent line touching it at a lesser speed; the opposite happens in a headwind.
Set in a fairy tale land, the illustrated stories in this supplement textbook demonstrate the concepts behind the slope of a tangent line, derivatives, integrals, natural logarithms, exponential functions, integration, differential equations, partial derivatives, and numerical methods.
A tangent line to anterior femoral cortex was drawn passing through the AFC.
This paper reports ongoing research investigating how students' experiences with the notion of tangent line in different lecture courses at a technical school are being integrated to the related mathematical concept.
The measured stiffness, S*, is the slope of the tangent line to the unloading curve at the maximum loading point ([P.