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records, tangible object in the nature of the document or
In arguments before the Supreme Court, Yates' attorneys argued that a ''tangible object'' under the law only means items used to preserve information, such as computers or other storage devices.
To address this gap, the paper presented here describes a case study (A-B treatment design) where a tangible object symbol was introduced to an adult (pseudonym Frank) with multiple disabilities and visual impairment at his day habilitation program.
But the distance between the categories has been disrupted by technological changes, such as surplus "techno foetuses" produced by in vitro fertilization, controversial photographic representations, and medical advances that make ever-earlier premature births viable--all of which serve to make visible that the same tangible object is being subjected to very different, irreversible treatments.
"The baton is a tangible object. Thousands of people will carry it, and they will bring the Commonwealth to life in front of our eyes.
The Tangible Object Cards are a vocabulary enhancement activity for people with language, learning and communication disabilities.
It states that: "if the offense (A) involved the destruction, alteration, or fabrication of a substantial number of records, documents, or tangible objects; (B) involved the selection of any essential or especially probative record, document, or tangible object, to destroy or alter; or (C) was otherwise extensive in scope, planning, or preparation," the sentence should be increased by two levels.
The tangible object breathed life into the mythical king and is a medium through which history makes itself concrete.
But they have the digital download, which is all they wanted anyway, and now they have this cool, tangible object with neat art."
Because memory was conceived of as occupying a physical space, being a tangible object, it could not only be constructed, but also deconstructed.
Workers such as computer software engineers are presently excluded from TAA because they do not produce a tangible object. The congressman also wants the government to cover more than just 65% of the workers' health insurance premium and to simplify the procedure for applying for such aid.
To expect otherwise is to fall prey to the idealistic illusion that time is transcendental and, thus, motionless in its total detachment from any tangible object that might move "through," "with," or "in" time, all metaphors obscuring the fact that time is an abstraction determined by, as well as determining, movement.