TANNThe Avenues Neighbourhood Network (UK)
TANNTravel Advisory News Network (traffic reporting website)
TANNTechnology Academy of Northeast Nebraska (community partnership)
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The ex-beauty therapist knocked back lager and then bundled Tann over a row of seats after he was ticked off for standing up as the American rap star came on stage.
PARENTS: Learning disability nurse Lindsay Cook, 28, and fiance Leigh Tann, 28, a mechanic, from Pentre.
Tann said she has been presented with about 10 fake diplomas by students trying to enroll at the college in the past seven years.
Speaking after the inquest into the bookkeeper's death, her boyfriend of three years, Stephen Tanns, 48, said: "It's so ironic.
Tann attended rehearsals during the youth choir's residency ahead of last night's concert and she will attend rehearsals with the orchestra in Lampeter next week.
Connor's mother and father, Michael Tann, 58, who have separated, wept during the inquest.
Vera, 55, of Boosbeck, and Connor's dad Mike Tann, 58, of Redcar, say they are deeply grateful.
Pathologically unsuited to child care, Tann had a privileged, but deeply unhappy, upbringing and escaped into social work where she expounded her theories of eugenics.
Journalist Raymond's research reveals that Tann and her Tennessee Children's Home Society stole nearly 5,000 children from 1924 to 1950, that scores died in custody, and that Tann falsified birth certificates with abandon and made a fortune from selling babies to the highest bidders.
Presenting with Tann was Lillian Werner who trains mental health nurses for the Georgia Department of Corrections.