TAPLINETrans-Arabian Pipeline Company (Gulf to Zahrani, Lebanon)
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Established in 1946 as a joint venture between Mobil, Esso and Caltex, TAPLine built, operated and maintained a 1,213-kilometer-long, 78-centimeter-wide steel pipe that transported oil overland from Saudi Arabia to the Mediterranean.
From 1949-1976 he was employed by ARAMCO in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, and its subsidiary TAPLINE in Beirut in several management positions including government relations.
Back in the 1950s, Saudi Arabia exported most of its oil through the Trans-Arabian pipeline, or Tapline, that ran through Jordan, Syria and Lebanon to Sidon on the Mediterranean coast.
But Saudi Arabia still has the Tapline, or Trans-Arabian pipeline, which connects to Jordan and Lebanon, while Iraq is also linked to Lebanon and Syria via a 700,000 bpd pipeline.
Staff spotted John Tapline, managing director of web firm AboutMyArea.co.uk, was a dead ringer for Dr Evil from the Austin Powers films.
Staff spotted that John Tapline, managing director of web firm AboutMyArea.co.uk, was an impressive look-a-like of Dr Evil from the Austin Powers films.
Theoretically, the 1.65-million bpd Iraqi pipeline across Saudi Arabia also could be used, more oil could be pumped north to Ceyhan (Turkey), and the .5 million-bpd Tapline to Lebanon could be re-activated.
A large number of GIs were claimed in vehicle accidents on Saudi Arabia's Tapline Road--dubbed "Dead Man's Alley" by truck drivers.
In 1971, as part of the Tehran and Tripoli price agreement, a new transit agreement emerged between Syria and Tapline that would double Syrian revenues at full capacity.
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The closure of the canal was a severe blow to the supply of oil to the western world, and the problem was compounded in 1970 by the accidental rupture of the Saudi tapline, closing it and cutting off a substantial amount of the Saudi oil supply.
The oil had flowed west through ARAMCO's recently completed Trans-Arabian Pipeline (TAPLINE), a thirty-inch steel tube that snaked its way across a thousand miles of desert sand from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea.