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TARANTactical Attack Radar and Navigation
TARANTest and Replace As Necessary (aircraft maintenance)
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Dimaano, a former drug surrenderee, had reportedly just shot Taran.
Tarn Taran (Punjab) [India], Jan 15 ( ANI ): At a time when the entire state of Punjab is struggling with the menace of drugs, 114-year-old Karnail Singh has emerged as an example for the youth of the state.
When Leonardo Taran first thought of producing a truly critical edition of Aristotle's Poetics, he therefore turned to a Graeco-Arabist for help.
When Taran first appears in the series, he is a boy with very traditional and classical ideas of the hero that he seeks to fill.
The animal husbandry director has also been asked to sound an alert in the district," Taran- Taran Deputy Commissioner Balvinder Singh Dhariwal said while speaking to mediapersons on Monday.
Originally designed for high-capacity 1911s, Taran Butler saw the potential in this design and now offers extended, increased capacity base pads on the market for two of the most popular pistol designs in the country: Glocks and Smith & Wesson M&Ps.
At the start, he is worried that he will never become anyone special, but after setting out to retrieve the escaped pig he is in charge of, and over the course of many adventurous trials that ensue, Taran develops into a heroic young man.
Later, ruling out any foul play in the ASI's death, Tarn Taran senior superintendent of police (SSP) said he died of normal causes.
18 January 2013 - Taran Asset Management LLC, owner of 3m shares in Clearwire Corp (NASDAQ:CLWR), said today it would lodge a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission against Sprint Nextel Corp's (NYSE:S) buyout offer for the wireless broadband services provider.
Country: USASector: TelecommunicationsTarget: Clearwire CorpBuyer: Sprint Nextel Corp , DISH Network CorpVendor: Crest Financial Ltd, Mount Kellett Capital Management LP, Taran Asset Management LLCDeal size in USD: 2.
Retained firefighter Taran, 32, said: "I phoned for an ambulance and said, 'We're having a baby in the car.
AIDERS: Etone's final-clinching team (from left) Lucy Parlett, Megan French, Eleanor Powell, Melissa Burrows and Taran Bajwa.