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"As companies and organizations begin to target generation X and generation Y more and more as their target groups, the way you try and interact with your groups has.
there can be live, real data from the NAS or it can be driven by our target generation facility that drives all of our tests."
This third-party interpretation is expected in mid-August, and will enhance target generation and compilation by providing an initial interpretation of the underlying geology and structure of this key land position in the southern Ashanti gold belt.
The progress of the Egyptian joint venture includes promising results from exploration at the Hodine prospect, around the historic Hutite mine, as well as good early stage target generation and land positions secured elsewhere in the region.
The overall target generation capacity of one lakh MW has been fixed for the 12th Five Year Plan ( 2012- 17).
My search program consists of three parts: target generation, telescope image acquisition, and comparing the acquired images with known references.
The first involved using the Predator in a target generation and support role, while using the Harrier in a weapons delivery shooter role.
Retailers that target Generation X might need to adjust their ordering process to maximize sales of photo books in that segment.
[] Random target generation prevents the same target from repeatedly generating at the same location.
Luntz and his team concluded that the veteran Jewish organizations are failing to reach the young target generation and to inspire it to the kind of involvement that characterized its parents' generation.
His paper's target generation isn't just about "drinking and going to concerts," he said.
NFN is a network-centric warfare system that provides real-time intelligence correlation; sensor control; target generation; mission planning; and battle damage assessment capabilities, while also enabling real-time engagement of time-critical targets.