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Drug stores are the ideal way to target generation Y females by offering them a highly accessible, affordable and trendy product," notes Miner.
The goal of target generation is to create an amplitude and frequency modulated replica of the transmitted pulse that adequately simulates the return from the environment, which may include ground clutter, multipath interference, jamming interference and target modulation effects.
The attempts to 'freshen up' the milieu are obvious: characters who belong to the target generation, artistic details meant to reflect the party-going and gadget-dependent lifestyle, a love story endowed with dollops of kilig, etc.
Tekton brings with it a highly professional and experienced team with a proven track record in target generation, project development, government relations, logistics and security with francophone African expertise.
Our technical group identified and defined new IOCG mineralising systems in the Cloncurry region and, while these have not yet shown economic grades of copper-gold, results confirm the validity of our geophysical target generation techniques and ability to pinpoint prospects under deep cover.
The company also increased its land positions and advanced its target generation programs in Mexico, Alaska, and British Columbia/Yukon during 2011 and will continue these efforts as well completing some scout drilling in 2012.
Azimut is a mineral exploration company with its core business centred on target generation and concurrent partnership development.
Exploration at Kisladag in 2012 will be a continuation of the 2011 geophysical surveying for deep target generation, with diamond drill testing (10,000 m) of identified targets.
Target generation exercise will be undertaken by Mithril in the Coompana block of the far west of South Australia, with a view of identifying potential drill targets on the relevant tenements.