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Lightweight target wadcutter pellets in the 7.5-grain range exit the muzzle at 425-475 fps, which is sufficient to poke clean holes in paper targets at 10 meters, but little else.
ammo is the reduced recoil produced by target wadcutter ammunition.
In particular I expected problems to occur with the lower velocity Remington target wadcutter ammunition.
Caption: Federal's .38 Special +P 130-grain HST JHP resembles a flush-fit target wadcutter, right up until you peer into its cavity (inset).
Compared with the magnum ammunition, it was like shooting target wadcutter .38 Specials.
Finally, the .38 Special 148-grain lead target wadcutter is also highly effective for small game hunting of rabbit and squirrel, not to mention dispatching vermin like skunk, raccoon, possum, etc.
I also took a quantity of 148-grain .38 Special target wadcutter reloads.
Select from FMJ hardball, light hollow-point, heavy hollow-point for deeper penetration, or target wadcutter for mountain grouse and cottontails.
He and Taffin both say a standard 148 target wadcutter with a full, flat base would work fine.
When I first began shooting the 342 I assumed that target wadcutter loads would serve that need, but even though velocity is considerably lower, the wadcutters weren't all that comfortable either.
This combination of a hard bullet (as opposed to the very soft lead of a target wadcutter) and a bit more velocity makes this load one of the more effective snub-gun loads around, if you ask me.
There are virtually dozens of .38 Special loads available, and one of the best for minimum recoil with excellent accuracy is the 148-grain Target Wadcutter load from Winchester.