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The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy stated : "Considering the realistic conditions for the power companies in fulfilling their requirements, the government has decided to extend the target year for the 10 percent RPS requirement by two years from 2022 to 2024.
The Trust has met the Government's annual 95% target year on year and is on track to do so again this year.
Full sanitation in 7,096 sq km area of the state, covering both rural and urban areas in all four districts, has since been achieved well before the target year of 2012.
2015 is also a very important year, the target year of the Millennium Development Goals, and also that is the year when we have to adopt the post-2015 development agenda for sustainable development.
Depending on which target year is selected, this would translate into a maternal mortality ratio of less than 90 by 2025, or 70 by 2030.
Gertze said the launch was based on a strategic business decision to align MultiChoice Namibia with the national and global efforts towards achieving and positioning itself to fully integrate Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) by 2015, which is the country's target year to migrate fully towards DTT.
Among rapidly emerging Asian nations, around 190,000 travelers from Indonesia are expected to visit Japan in the target year N an 86 percent spike compared with 2012 levels and the sharpest increase among the countries surveyed by the study.
Furthermore, the year 2015 is the target year to realize the building of ASEAN Community, for which Mekong region countries have made remarkable efforts and Japan made an unwavering support.
The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are eight international development goals agreed by all UN member states to be attained by target year 2015.
Ms Prendergast said: "The targets set by the Department of Agriculture's Harvest 2020 aim to increase our agri-food exports by 42% by 2020 and set 2013 as the target year for agri-food exports to first hit EUR9billion.
Under the existing law, energy-consuming machinery, such as cars, air conditioners and lighting, are subject to the government's so-called top runner rule, which requires manufacturers and importers to ensure their products' energy efficiency levels meet a high standard by a target year.
Boeing's target year for the first 737 MAX delivery is 2017.
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