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TADSTest and Debug System
TADSTreatment for Adolescents with Depression Study (Duke University)
TADSText Adventure Development System
TADSTarget Acquisition System and Designation Sight (US DoD)
TADSTraining Aids for Dam Safety (various locations)
TADSTarget Acquisition & Designation System
TADSTactical Air Defense System
TADSThreat Assessment Database System (US FEMA)
TADSTerrorist Attack Disruption Strike
TADSTeletypewriter Automatic Dispatch System
TADSTime and Attendance Distribution System
TADSTarget Acquisition Detection System
TADSTactical Automatic Digital Switch
TADSTactical Advanced Digital Control System
TADSTraffic Administration Data System
TADSTBMCS-ABCS Database Synchronization
TADSTourism Accommodation Development Survey (Australia)
TADSThreat Adaptive Dispenser System
TADSTracking & Display System
TADSTactical Automated Data System
TADSTarget and Activity Display System
TADSTracking Acquisition Designation System
TADSTest and Development Programs
TADSTraining Aids, Devices and Simulators
TADSTuition Aid Data Systems
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