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TOETarget of Evaluation
TOETeam of Experts
TOETCO (Transmission Control Protocol) Offload Engine
TOETheory of Everything
TOETheory of Evolution
TOEThe Ottoman Empire
TOETermination of Employment (various meanings)
TOETransfer of Equity (finance)
TOEThrough Other Eyes (UK)
TOETCP/IP Offload Engine
TOETable of Elements
TOETime over Ethernet
TOETcp over Ethernet
TOETest Output Enable
TOETable of Entry
TOETcp Offload Engine
TOEOutput Enable Time
TOETales of Eternia (game)
TOETerm of Enlistment
TOETransesophageal Echocardiogram
TOETonne of Oil Equivalent
TOETelephone Outage Emergency (Emergency Alert System Code)
TOETotal Ownership Experience
TOETime of Event
TOETable of Organization & Equipment
TOETotal Operating Expense(s)
TOETask, Object, Event (computer programming)
TOEThreaded One End
TOETimeout Entry
TOETest of Effectiveness (Sarbanes-Oxley compliance)
TOETarget Operating Environment
TOETiming-Offset Estimation
TOETrial of Entrance (gaming clan recruitment)
TOETroops, Organization & Equipment
TOETime Operating Efficiency
TOETri Ocean Engineering
TOETraining on Errors (machine learning)
TOETechnical Operations Expert
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Step1: At first the scope of the target of evaluation (TOE) is defined.
The Security Target specifying the target of evaluation is publicly available at atsec's Common Criteria evaluations page.
The counselor or the counseling program as the target of evaluation? The Personnel and Guidance Journal, 56, 112-118.
They provide his accounts of the fractious dynamics within the New Democratic Party and between the provinces and the federal government during what were last-gasp efforts at securing a deal--not pleasing to everyone and itself the target of evaluations subjective and objective.