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TasPTreatment as Prevention (HIV/AIDS)
TasPTactical Advanced Signal Processing
TasPTexas Academic Skills Program
TasPTotal Army Sponsorship Program (US Army)
TasPThe Association for the Study of Play
TasPTelluride Association Summer Program
TasPTexas Association of School Psychologists
TasPTemplate-Assembled Synthetic Protein
TasPTeacher at Sea Program (Integrated Ocean Drilling Program)
TasPTennessee Association of School Psychologists
TasPTechnology Assessment and Selection Panel
TasPTactical Acoustic Specialist Program (US Navy)
TasPThe Army Studies Program
TasPTowed-Array Signal Processor
TasPTemporary Agent Servicing Program (insurance)
TasPTactical Aviation Sea-based Platform (US Navy)
TasPTarget Anti-Submarine Patrol
TasPTelephone Alternative Service Provider (Sharemedia)
TasPTemporary Air Service Permit (permission to operate a foreign aircraft in another country)
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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the use of condoms in addition to PrEP or TasP, primarily because neither biomedical approach prevents other sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhea or syphilis.
Another key issue: For TasP to work, people need to know their HIV status.
Bernadette Irwin, assistant Director of PACT, www.pact.kennedykrieger.org/ one of the longest running programs for parents with intellectual disabilities, is co-president of TASP. Working out of the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, she created a curriculum for parents with disabilities, as well as shepherding TASP in putting on three international conferences.
A prevalencia do TASP na populacao geral e maior entre os homens, chegando a 3:1 em relacao as mulheres.
Records such as TASP (reading, math and writing) scores, ACT composite scores, ACT English subtest scores, overall GPA, and GPA in 18 credit hours of professional development education courses were collected from the university's academic records office.
"I consider TASP to be redundant and duplicative," she said.
"Para poder ser aceptado en el ACP es requisito pasar el TASP", subrayo Shannon.
Addressing a press conference here at his residence on Tuesday, a day after a bomb attack on his convoy between Tasp and Khuda-Abadaan, Mir Asad Baloch recalled that during Zia regime, he was imprisoned and subjected to worst torture but he never retreated from his struggle for Baloch cause therefore such cowardly attacks on his life cannot deter his resolve.
The dependent variable, the ExCET scores, and the independent variables of Texas Academic Skills Program scores (TASP), American College Testing Program scores, overall grade point average (GPA), Benchmark ExCET, and ExCET were considered.
The commemoration forms part of the support programmes under the banner of Teacher Appreciation and Support Programme (TASP), which is led by the Department of Basic Education (DBE) and the South African Council for Educators (SACE).
The success of the QPrEP trial is a step in the right direction for eliminating HIV in Queensland, and - along with Treatment as Prevention (TasP) - has led to the de-listing of aids from the notifiable diseases register, he said.