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TVZTownes Van Zandt (musician)
TVZTaupo Volcanic Zone (New Zealand)
TVZTheologische Verlag Zuerich (German: Theological Publishing Zurich; publishing house; Switzerland)
TVZTerran Versus Zerg (Starcraft game)
TVZTsafsman-Vladut-Zink Bound (information theory)
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But no trip to the other side of the world is complete without witnessing first-hand the Taupo Volcanic Zone.
A shallow glob of magma heats water in the Taupo Volcanic Zone from below.
Both volcanoes are part of the Taupo Volcanic Zone, but scientists believe the events are unrelated.
Brathwaite, R.L., Geological and mineralogical characterization of zeolites in lacustrine tuffs, Ngakuru, Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand, Clays Clay Miner., 51 2003, pp.
Brathwaite, R.L., Exploration guides for zeolite deposits in lacustrine tuffs, with reference to the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand, In: R.S.
A very large flux of gold capable of forming the largest known hydrothermal deposits was measured in the fluids of the Taupo Volcanic Zone in New Zealand (Simmons & Brown 2007).
The flux of gold and related metals through a volcanic arc, Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand.
For example, in the Taupo Volcanic Zone of northern New Zealand, the crust is as little as 5 km thick with partially molten material, thought to be the source of the magma, immediately below (Cole et al.
(2005) show that the regions with the greatest extension in the Taupo Volcanic Zone of New Zealand produce active calderas up to 50 km wide that are dominated by felsic magmatism, whereas areas with the greatest transtension produce less active andesitic stratovolcanoes.
Pumice, an effective long-distance rafting vector for hard-bottom, shallow-water, suspension-feeding epibenthos (11), may have served as the transport platform, because very significant quantities of this buoyant material have been released by repeated eruptions of the North Island Taupo Volcanic Zone since the Pliocene (32).