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Police officers said they recovered four assault rifles, three .45 caliber pistols, a Tavor assault rifle, two 9mm pistols, a .357 revolver, two .38 revolvers, a carbine rifle, 58 assorted magazines and 429 rounds of assorted ammunition from the inmates.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of 17 Items Of Spares Of Rif 7.62Mm Sniper Galil, 06 Items Of Tavor Assault Rifle 5.56Mm, 10 Spares Of Galil 7.62Mm Sniper Semi Automatic Rifle (Ex- Israel)
Weismann, who served in the combat infantry Nahal Brigade, asked his commanders to let him take his army-issue Tavor assault rifle along with him when he went on leave.
The result was the 5.56 NATO Tavor Assault Rifle which was first issued to the Israeli infantry brigades in 2006 and now makes up a family of mission-specific models ranging from sniper to micro-commando versions.
Israeli soldiers currently use a combination of the M16 and the Tavor assault rifle.
He said Israeli weapons like the Tavor assault rifle and other equipment "are being imported for the modernization of India's Special Forces and communications equipment.
Police seized four assault rifles, three .45 caliber pistols, a Tavor assault rifle. two 9mm pistols, a .357 revolver, two .38 revolvers, a carbine rifle and magazines and ammunition.
Product Sub-Category: Reflex Sight For 5.56Mm Tavor Assault Rifle
Recently adopted to replace the aging M16 series, the Tavor assault rifle has proven Old Testament effective in actual combat.The big news I bring today though is semi-automatic modern sporting rifle versions of the Tavor are now being offered here in the US Yes, IWI US, Inc.
Tavor: The IMI 5.56 x 45 mm Tavor Assault Rifle 21 (Tar 21), named after a mountain in Galilee, is a gas-operated, rotary bolt action bullpup rifle.
Moreover, SES personnel are issued with Tavor Assault Rifles, not M-16s.
Meanwhile, the Indian Army's special operations troops are to be equipped with 1000 5.56-mm Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Tar-21 Tavor assault rifles. This builds upon an original order for 3070 weapons that India made in 2002.