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Hypothetical tax is not an actual tax that is remitted to a tax authority, but held by the employer and used in the tax equalization summary and final calculation.
Global mobility policies should also address tax equalization, establishing appropriate compensation, health and safety plans, and obtaining medical insurance in the host country.
Getting the mechanics down A typical tax equalization policy estimates the tax the expatriate would have owed had he or she stayed at home.
A tax equalization program provides a company with several advantages.
Between 1935 and 1941, the State of Michigan embarked on a statewide, property tax equalization effort.
These include asking voters for more money, lobbying for larger government tax equalization schemes, cutting certain types of services, rationing services, finding cheaper ways to operate (often involving sharing expenses and benefits with other agencies), or closing in anticipation that other agencies will provide the same or similar services.
Messinger has long advocated a phased tax equalization program that has built is safeguards to protect low-income homeowners and will begin to make the system fairer for Class II and commercial Class IV properties.
Allowance is being made for the simultaneous termination of the settlement tax and the tax equalization charges, as well as for effects of the reform whereby, as of 1992, responsibility for services and care for the elderly and disabled was transferred from county councils to the municipalities.
Thus, having a tax reimbursement policy--whether tax equalization or another--can help focus the executives' attention on driving strategic business objectives, rather than on personal tax avoidance strategies.
On appeal the board argued that it was merely correcting a clerical omission in the data collected for the State Tax Equalization Board, which it discovered during the validation of the sale for realty transfer tax purposes.
Bowling noted that if spirits companies achieved their stated goal of tax equalization, taxes on beer could go up dramatically.
In its simplest incarnation, a tax equalization program is a zero-based system that can provide that the expatriate will pay neither less nor more tax while on assignment than he would incur if he remained in his home state.