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TASCTest Assessing Secondary Completion (high school equivalency exam)
TASCThe Association of Settlement Companies (Madison, WI)
TASCThe After School Corporation
TASCThe American Surrogacy Center
TASCTransportation Administrative Service Center
TASCTotal Administrative Services Corporation
TASCTreatment Accountability for Safer Communities
TASCThe Analytic Sciences Corporation
TASCThe Alliance for Safe Children
TASCTechnical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities (magazine)
TASCTreatment Assessment Screening Center (substance testing)
TASCTax and Accounting Services Company
TASCTechnical Assistance and Services Center
TASCTrinity and All Saints College (UK)
TASCTexas Association of Student Councils
TASCTreatment Alternative to Street Crime
TASCTechnical Assistance Service Center (Sprint)
TASCThe AIDS Information and Support Centre (Swaziland)
TASCTechnical Assistance Support Center (NEC)
TASCTuesday Action Shooting Club
TASCTask Analysis Safety Card (various organizations)
TASCTechnology and Solutions Center (Schneider Electric)
TASCTennessee Association of Student Councils
TASCTelecommunications Alarm Surveillance and Control (Alcatel)
TASCTrain Automatic Stopping Controller (electric trains)
TASCTactical Air Support Command
TASCTraining & Audiovisual Support Center
TASCThe Adult Skills Center
TASCTutoring and Academic Success Center
TASCTriangle Association for Scientific Creationism
TASCTexas Action Shooting Club
TASCTargeting Alcohol-related Street Crime (Wales, UK)
TASCTerminal Area Sequence and Control
TASCTéléinformatique et Analyse des Systèmes Communicants Laboratory (University of Pau, France)
TASCTemasek Academy Students' Council
TASCTeenage Shelter Care
TASCTransportation Acquisition Service Center (US DOT)
TASCTraining Aids Service Center
TASCTheater ADP Service Center
TASCTechnology and Assessment Study Collaborative
TASCTransatlantic Software Corporation
TASCThailand Association for Sustainable Construction
TASCTheater Aerospace-operations Support Center
TASCTime And Space Connector (time machine)