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TIPHTemporary International Presence in Hebron
TIPHTaxi into Position and Hold (US FAA; airplane procedure)
TIPHToshiba International Procurement Hong Kong, Ltd
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Regarding our exchange on taxi into position and hold (TIPH) operations at non-towered airports (Unicom, July 2007), I spoke with Gary Koff of the FAA's Flight Standards District Office in Denver.
Gary's view reflects "Taxi into Position and Hold (TIPH): Guidance for Pilots," effective February 5, 2007, www.faa.gov/runwaysafety/pdf/TIPHpilots.pdf, in which not one example of TIPH operations is offered for operations at non-towered airports.
The only reason we know of to taxi into position and hold on the runway at a non-towered airport is to allow landing traffic to clear the runway before beginning a takeoff roll.