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TAOTogether as One
TAOTrack-At-Once (CD creation)
TAOTailored Access Operations (US NSA)
TAOTrack at Once
TAOThe Ancient Order (gaming clan)
TAOThe Ardennes Offensive (war)
TAOTropical Atmosphere Ocean
TAOTactics Arena Online (gaming)
TAOTraduction Assistée Par Ordinateur (French: computer-assisted translation)
TAOThe ACE ORB (Object Computing, Inc.)
TAOThromboangiitis Obliterans
TAOThe Autumn Offering (band)
TAOTelecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan
TAOTopical Antibiotic Ointment
TAOTechnical Assistance Organization (various organizations)
TAOTraducción Asistida por Ordenador (Spanish: Computer-Assisted Translation)
TAOTransfer of Authority
TAOTriple Antibiotic Ointment
TAOThe Alphabetical Order (Washington, DC rock band)
TAOToolkit for Advanced Optimization
TAOTambon Administrative Organization (Thailand)
TAOTaxpayer Assistance Order
TAOTactical Air Operations
TAOThe Aikido Ohana (martial arts; Japan)
TAOTechnology Applications Office
TAOTactical Coordinator
TAOTokyo Astronomical Observatory
TAOTransition Assistance Office
TAOTotally Automated Office
TAOTactical Actions Officer
TAOTravel Agents Ordinance
TAOTaiwanese American Organization (various locations)
TAOTen Acre Observatory (Oklahoma)
TAOTactical Area of Operations (various armed forces; also seen as TAOR)
TAOTelephony Application Object (CORBA)
TAOTSCA Assistance Office (US EPA)
TAOThème Apprentissage et Optimisation (French: Theme Learning and Optimization)
TAOTransformation Alignment Office (Canada)
TAOTin-Antimony Oxide
TAOTechnical Assistance Operations
TAOTechnical Applications Office
TAOTOGA Atmosphere Ocean
TAOTechnical Assistance Order
TAOTechnical Arrest Order
TAOTerrain Avoidance Override
TAOTime and Altitude Over ... (location)
TAOTOGA Automated Observations
TAOTask Area Objective
TAOTransportation Applications Office
TAOTactical Aeronautical Order
TAOTemporary Area Office
TAOTactical Air Observer/Observation
TAOTactical Air/Action Officer
TAOFleet Oiler - MSC Manned (also abbreviated T-AO)
TAOTest Analysis Outline
TAOTotal Advanced Optimization
TAOTest Assisté Par Ordinateur (French: Computer-Assisted Test)
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Less than two weeks later, on April 30,2012, Rothkamm attempted to challenge the IRS's levy by fifing an application for a Taxpayer Assistance Order (TAO) with the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS).
Furthermore, the advocate can issue taxpayer assistance orders to help taxpayers who face hardships as a result of actions taken by the IRS.
I asked my team to look at those 100-day old cases to see if any of them warrant the issuance of a Taxpayer Assistance Order.
To apply for a TAO, taxpayers should file Form 911, Application for Taxpayer Assistance Order to Relieve Hardship, copies of which are available in IRS offices or by calling 800-TAXFORM (800-829-3676).
NSA recommends that in situations affecting small business, a determination be made as to whether a "significant hardship" will be imposed upon employees of the business who may be adversely affected by the IRS decision regarding the Taxpayer Assistance Order, e.
Taxpayers can use Form 911, Application for Taxpayer Assistance Order to Relieve Hardship, to apply for a TAO.
Bonner: All the same, taxpayer assistance orders are increasing.
What do IRS officials believe will be the role of the National Taxpayer Advocate and Taxpayer Assistance Orders in CEP examinations and IRS processes involving CEP taxpayers?
The establishment of a taxpayer advocate within the IRS and the expansion of authority to issue taxpayer assistance orders.
Monks reviewed the changes effected by the Taxpayer Bill of Rights 2 (T2), including changes in the rules relating to Taxpayer Assistance Orders (TAOs) and the enhanced linkage between the Taxpayer Advocate and the Problem Resolution Officers (PROs) in the field.
The taxpayer advocate has the authority to take affirmative action, such as issuing taxpayer assistance orders, on behalf of taxpayers who are facing significant hardship.
The IRSRRA '98 also replaced the local problem resolution officers with local taxpayer advocates who report directly to the National Taxpayer Advocate (who in turn reports directly to the Commissioner), and expanded the authority of the National Taxpayer Advocate to issue taxpayer assistance orders.
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