TBARThiobarbituric Acid-Reactive
TBARTrue Blue Animal Rescue (Brenham, TX)
TBARTwin Buttes Alpaca Ranch (Miles, TX)
TBARThat Boy Ain't Right
TBARThrow Book Across Room
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She's paid to read the rub of the green, assess America's chances and never to allow TBAR off the hook.
TBARS: TBARS is a measurement of lipid peroxidation.
Covering the whole of the UK, the TBAR highlights theatres in use and theatre buildings that were once in use.
The Trust's TBAR Register highlights theatres that have been abandoned and those suffering neglect under the hands of their owners.
Notable newcomers this year include, among others, Aspen, Centro Vinoteca, Crema Restaurante, Fig & Olive Midtown, Greenhouse Cafe, Ilili Restaurant, Japonais, Kellari Seafood Taverna, maze by Gordon Ramsay, Oceana, Park Avenue Winter, Primehouse New York, Room With A View, Safran and TBar Steak & Lounge.
The top ten theatres in the Trust's 2008 TBAR include theatres that remain empty, are under threat of demolition, neglect or unsympathetic redevelopment, and lack of funds for repairs and restoration.
Adding cranberry fractions at levels of 120 millimoles (mmols) and 60 mmols of quercetin equivalents per kg of wash cod muscle extended the induction time of TBARS formation and reduced the TBARS values by 34.
Sample homogenate (1 ml) was transferred to a test tube and lipid oxidation was determined as the TBARS value by using the method described by Ahn et al.
The evaluation of lipid stability was performed by measuring TBARS during storage following the method of Witte et al.