TBMDTheater Ballistic Missile Defense
TBMDTight-Binding Molecular Dynamics
TBMDTactical Ballistic Missile Defense
TBMDTerminal Ballistic Missile Defense
TBMDTechnology Base Medical
TBMDTraditional Bampton Morris Dancers (Oxfordshire dance team)
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According to the work flow chart of this paper, the basis of the O(N) TBMD technique that we used and the electronical calculations on the energy band gaps of the optimized pristine/vacancy defected SWCNTs are explained in Section II.
Bone mineral content (BMC) was reported in grams, while total body bone mineral density (TBMD, excluding the head) and lumbar spine bone mineral density (LSBMD, L1-L4) were expressed in g/[cm.sup.2] and Z-scores.
Once fully implemented, the TBMD system will be able to protect troops in
The primary aim of this study was to examine associations among calcium knowledge, dietary calcium intake, and total body bone mineral content (TBMC) and density (TBMD) in young women.
Muscles include deltoid posterior (DP), middle (DM), and anterial (DA), pectorelis major clavicle portion (PC), biceps brachii (BB) including biceps long (BBlh) and biceps short (BBsh) , triceps brachii (TB) including triceps lateral (TBlt), triceps long (TBlh) and triceps mid (TBmd), brachialis (BS), brachioradialis (BR), pronator teres (PT), supinator (SP) and pronator quadratus (PQ).
Similarly, Russian and Chinese concerns over American TBMD, or U.S.
Ministers agreed that five more such projects be launched, on: Theatre Ballistic Missile Defence - TBMD (the Netherlands); Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - UAV (France); Strategic Air Lift (Germany); Space-based assets (France); and Interoperability Issues and Working Procedures for Evacuation and Humanitarian Operations (Belgium).
See also Philip Sen and Richard Scott, "Pentagon Cancels Navy Area TBMD," Signals, Jane's Navy International, 1 March 2002, on-line, Internet, 12 February 2002, available from http://www.janes.com.
43), attributed to TBMD (i.e., Thomas Browne, Doctor of Medicine), and a poem 'upon a Tempest at Sea' (pp.
It is already being developed as an integrated array of sensors transmitting to a central point of analysis, warning, and reporting as the currently developing theater ballistic missile defense (TBMD) concept.
But perhaps one of the most interesting developments underway is the use of CEC for theater ballistic-missile defense (TBMD).