TCETTexas Center for Educational Technology
TCETThakur College of Engineering and Technology (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)
TCETTexas Council on Environmental Technology (est. 2001)
TCETTetrahedron Control Element Topology
TCETTraining Centre for Energy Trading (various organizations)
TCETTightly Coupled Engineering Team (software)
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Lyster Elizabeth became a global icon after her ring-shot photograph was published internationally and the image was subsequently used by Ontario-based AI company Semex Alliance, owners of her sire TCET Lyster.
Progeny group: 1 E Moffitt & Son, TCET Lyster, 2 T & A Hodge, STBVQ Rubens, 3 RW Dixon, Shoremar Milan.
TCET's 8th Annual Teaching and Learning Symposium, St.
Prices soared to 8,500 gns for a prizewinning daughter of TCET Lyster, bred from nine generations of VG and excellent dams, including the famous Clovermist Black Peach.
With support from the Texas Education Agency (TEA), the Texas Center for Educational Technology (TCET) at the University of North Texas, developed the START project.