TCMDTotal Commander (FTP software)
TCMDTransportation Control & Movement Document
TCMDTotal Credit Market Debt (economics)
TCMDTraditional Chinese Medicine Doctor
TCMDTransnational Corporations and Management Division (UN Department of Economic and Social Development)
TCMDTrans-Caucasus Military District
TCMDThousand Cubic Meters Daily (unit of water volume)
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A TCMD, comprimento, largura e relacao C/L dos conidios, AACPD de frutas inoculadas com e sem ferimentos foram submetidas a analise de variancia, e as medias, comparadas pelo teste de agrupamento de Scott-Knott (P = 0,05), utilizando-se do programa estatistico Sisvar versao 5.0 (Universidade Federal de Lavras, Lavras-MG, Brasil).
musae diferiram quanto a TCMD, com a formacao de tres grupos, pelo teste de Scout-Knott (P = 0,05), e todos os isolados apresentaram crescimento medio superior a 1,0 cm/dia.
However, the softer approach of the NCMD is appreciated as compared to the harsh approach of the TCMD. The disruption caused due to aggressive transfers introduced by the TCMD has been eased by the NCMD.
As mentioned earlier, the NCMD's vision was in line with the TCMD. However, remarkable difference was eminent in the way they handled people.
Figure 11 compares PS-g-PA6-Antl and PS-g-PA6-Ant2 in terms of the TCMD and DSD for the PS/PA6 (80/20) blend.
Since the inception of the Internet, the process for advancing TCMDs has been improved.
16-18 These three lines are calls to the Tk graphics library to create a button that sends the string "bye" on tcmd (ccmd) upon a mouse press.
* For Tactile Systems Technology Inc (NASDAQ: TCMD), BTIG upgraded the previous rating of Neutral to the current rating Buy.
* Send a manifest to a gaining activity using a Transportation Control and Movement Document (TCMD).