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The metaphor of kohanga, or 'nest', used in this song is well recognised by most New Zealanders in relation to Te Kohanga Reo, a collective of early childhood centres where te reo Maori is the dominant language.
Educational and family-oriented organisations, such as Puriri Whakamaru, Women's Refuge, Te Kohanga Reo, Nga Tamatoa, and others, have for some time been at the forefront of revitalising Maori cultural development.
Te Kohanga Reo National Trust, which provides centres with Maori language and cultural immersion, declined to be involved.
Through fundraising and grants, the group travelled to London to be taught by experts Manaia and Te Kohanga Reo - and they in turn visited Teesside for training sessions.
The curriculum itself was developed by two academics, Helen May and Margaret Carr, now respectively professors of education at Otago and Waikato universities, in consultation with members of the Te Kohanga Reo Trust (representing indigenous Maori people) and representatives of the various early childhood groups.
Te Kohanga Reo blossomed around the country to well over 500 centres in six years (Jenkins, 1994).
The Te Kohanga Reo (immersion Maori language early childhood centre) movement was a Maori initiative.
The Indigenous Maori feature of Te Kohanga Reo is that partnership and practice are enmeshed in social networks that emphasize the richness of Maori language and the complex ways Maori people live their lives (culture).
The first is the Maori education movement that created pre-school Maori language nests, Te Kohanga Reo, and Maori immersion schooling options (Smith 1999).
The flourishing growth of Te Kohanga Reo all over the country; the new inspiration seen among the growing numbers of Maori artists, writers and carvers; the mounting this year in the United States of the 'Te Maori' Art Exhibition; the advent of Maori International |a Maori business venture~ on the commercial scene are all actions proclaiming a Maori identity (Dept.
Before deciding to go nursing, I worked as a kaiawhina for Te Kohanga Reo o Iti Noa in Gisborne.