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TEVToday's English Version (the Good News Bible Translation)
TEVThromboembolie Veineuse (French: Venous Thromboembolism)
TEVTotal Economic Value
TEVTobacco Etch Virus
TEVThe Elegant Variation
TEVTotal Economic Value (economics)
TEVThermostatic Expansion Valve
TEVTotal Enterprise Value
TEVTera Electron Volt
TEVTobacco Etch Potyvirus
TEVTracked Electric Vehicle (open source initiative; car project)
TEVTeflon Encapsulated Viton
TEVTalipes Equino Varus (club foot deformity)
TEVTurbo Electric Vessel
TEVTotal Equipment Value
TEVTest, Evaluation, and Verification
TEVTiming Error Variance
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The TEV project was founded by Will Jones, founder of Philadelphia Scientific, an English-based high tech industrial battery company, and his daughter Caroline Jones Carrick, who is based in Prestwick in Ayrshire.
In particular for [m.sub.[beta][beta]] ~ 0.1 eV we get a lower mass bound on the W' mass that varies from 300 GeV to about 9.5 TeV. The latter is achieved if [v.sub.[sigma]1] = [10.sup.-3] GeV.
* The TEV will not be operating in its effective design range, where it will provide the best superheat response.
La tromboembolia venosa (TEV) es una de las causas principales de muerte y discapacidad en todo el mundo.
[M.sub.y] = 1/3 [(2[a.sup.3]/[c.sup.1/3.sub.0]).sup.7/4] = 2.1 x [10.sup.6] (1.07 TeV), (1)
The intake percentage of total polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), saturated fatty acids (SFA), and trans fat in comparison to TEV was evaluated according to the WHO (18).
Se pretende, ademas, describir la poblacion de pacientes y los factores de riesgo para TEV, con el animo de plantear en el futuro estrategias complementarias a las ya establecidas de tal forma que se pueda garantizar una adecuada tromboprofilaxis en estos pacientes.
In June the energy level will be ramped up to a record-breaking 13 tera-electron volts (TeV) and experiments probing the building blocks of the universe can begin.
With its beam energy level raised to 13 tera-electron volts (TeV) it is conceivable that the LHC will capture dark matter, marking a leap forward in our understanding of the universe.
With a beam energy of 13 TeV - almost twice that which produced the Higgs boson - it is conceivable that the LHC will capture dark matter, marking a leap forward in our understanding of the universe.
SCOTTISH-BASED Caroline Jones Carrick is the frontwoman for TEV (Tracked Electrical Vehicle) - an electric vehicle transport infrastructure.
Musical performances will include professional, student and community musicians including Full Gael Celtic Christmas, Worcester Men of Song, Quintebrass, Boston Jazz Voices, Geoff Brown and Tev Stevig Acoustic Christmas, Northampton Woodwind Quartet, Jacques Ave Five, Vocal Revolution, Treblesome, Eva and Dave Brown, Broadmoor Chamber Singers, Elm Street Handbells, the Old Sturbridge Village Singers, and a number of town bands and regional fife and drum corps.