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TEACHTeacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education
TEACHTechnology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization Act of 2002
TEACHToxicity and Exposure Assessment for Children (US EPA)
TEACHThe Education Association of Christian Homeschoolers (Connecticut)
TEACHThe Education and Curriculum Homesite (Great Lakes Commission; Ann Arbor, MI)
TEACHTo Encourage and Challenge Homeschoolers (web magazine)
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Among the strategies worth trying are some that flow from the teacher-professionalism agenda: place teachers in charge of schools, employ and compensate them on terms that they like, and let them decide who is "qualified" to teach in those schools.
Still, there are always the experienced lecturers who resist the idea that they need to learn how to teach in a new medium.
At the beginning of the methods course, William (a preservice teacher participant) had devised a plan on how to teach in a manner different from how he had been taught.
Using the medium to teach about itself, doing so essentially to the autodidact, exploits two important aspects of one kind of successful learning: the instruction is self-paced and the subject matter is largely self-taught.
Very few teachers are adequately or properly trained to teach appropriately about religion.
My answer is that we continue to teach an American history of meaning, one that integrates social history along with political and economic history.
The results of this study indicate that personnel in 70% of the sheltered workshops in Utah, Idaho, and Nevada attempt to teach job responsibility and social-vocational competencies in addition to task production competence to workers with mental retardation.
The integration of PBL exercises to teach exercise physiology was associated with significantly higher scores on exam questions assessing the students' ability to apply knowledge without any negative effect on scores on questions assessing knowledge and understanding.
In the next pages, you'll meet passionate and committed educators who teach in a variety of venues.
The next battlegrounds are likely to be North Carolina, where the state Board of Education has already begun reviewing science standards, and Michigan, where two state lawmakers are trying to pass legislation that would require public schools to teach "the theory that life is the result of the purposeful, intelligent design of a Creator" whenever evolution is taught.
Teachers may need additional support and materials, such as workshops, to help them develop and teach Physics First.
As such, explicit instruction may be one alternative to teach reading to students with learning and behavior problems.