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"350 million isn't a whole lot compared to the total amount," said the Association of Fish & Wildlife Agency's Teaming With Wildlife coordinator, Mark Humpert.
During the late 1990s, the efforts of the Teaming with Wildlife coalition helped advance the Conservation and Reinvestment Act, a broad proposal to dramatically increase federal funding for a variety of land, water, and wildlife conservation programs.
'We celebrate their success and hope it inspires other owners and occupiers to manage their valuable wildlife sites with care to enable us all to once again enjoy an England teaming with wildlife and geological features.'
Today, with the species' numbers dwindling, nostalgic residents of Oklahoma and Texas are teaming with wildlife biologists to save the lizards before they disappear from the wild.
LLP volunteers have so far cleared about 10km of the 20km of towpaths which run along often amazingly green and quiet waterways teaming with wildlife. They have curved the impenetrable Japanese knotweed so that people and native flora can get a look in.
The rooms are spacious and sophisticated and offer stunning views over the rolling 10 acres of land, including a peaceful wooded area flanked by a glistening lake, teaming with wildlife.
The park is surrounded by wooded areas, teaming with wildlife. Why not set your family a challenge of how many animals they can spot?
Much of the accommodation is positioned around a beautiful lake, teaming with wildlife, flora and fauna.
Why couldn't the council just tidy up this once beautiful site, which incidentally is teaming with wildlife, instead of seizing the first opportunity to make a fast buck?
The Montana Wildlife Federation is working with the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks (MFWP) and other members of the Teaming With Wildlife steering committee to increase awareness of, and garner support for, Montana's Wildlife Action Plan.
It's a question Naomi Edelson, Teaming with Wildlife director for the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, has heard before.