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TDUTest Drive Unlimited (game)
TDUTeamsters for a Democratic Union
TDUTransmission and Distribution Utility
TDUTour Down Under (Australian cycle race)
TDUTermination and Distribution Unit
TDUTactical Duty Uniform (police uniform)
TDUTime Display Unit (Masibus)
TDUTrash Disposal Unit
TDUThermal Desorption Unit
TDUTopology Database Update
TDUTriple DES (Data Encryption Standard) Unit
TDUTechniques Development Unit
TDUTainted, Decomposed or Unwholesome (food industry inspections)
TDUTransmission Data Unit
TDUTactical Display Unit
TDUTarget Detection Unit
TDUTowed Drone Unit (US DoD)
TDUTube Distribution Unit
TDUTelescope Demonstration Unit (HESSI/NASA)
TDUTool Deployment Unit
TDUThreat Display Unit
TDUToo Dumb to Understand
TDUTraining Device Upgrade
TDUTarget Development Unit
TDUTemperature Display Unit
TDUTooling Deployment Unit
TDUTrajectory Display Unit
TDUTactical Dress Unit (Germany)
TDUTactical Deception Unit
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He accurately portrays TDU as the constructive 1979 merger of PROD and Teamsters for a Democratic Union, with a combined agenda of health and safety, corruption-fighting, union reform, and militancy.
On the first day of the 1983 convention of the Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU), the Brotherhood of Loyal Americans and Strong Teamsters (BLAST) chartered nine buses from around the country, went to the site of the meeting, pushed aside local police, chased the group's members out of the hall, tore down banners, and took over the convention.
And it would be a terrible, unjustified setback to the Teamsters for a Democratic Union, who worked so hard for so many years to bring about reform.
The Carey victory was inconceivable without backing from the Teamsters for a Democratic Union, a reform organization with thousands of members and 17 years of experience in work place action, national contract campaigns, and the fight for democracy.
"It's certainly better than nothing," said Ken Paff, organizer for the dissident Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU), which has been chiding Teamsters President James.
sabotages it and tries to block the election of officers friendly to Teamsters for a Democratic Union. Yet Cooper suggests that the jury on Hoffa is still out.
You will not find, in Left for Dead, such groups Citizens for Tax Justice, Teamsters for a Democratic Union, Wider Opportunities for Women, the New Party, Acorn, Democratic Socialists of America, or a host of other organizations focused, for the most part, on the kind of issues that Tomasky approves of.
Given that the average age of a Teamster at YRC is about 60, the pension freeze is even harder to swallow, according to Ken Paff who organizes for Teamsters for a Democratic Union, the dissident wing of the 1.4 million-member union.
And for its part, Teamsters for a Democratic Union, the two-decades-old reform caucus that counts about 10,000 members nationally, remains implacably opposed.
It was 1995 and Hoffa had just declared his candidacy for Teamsters president, a position then occupied by Ron Carey, who'd been elected in 1991 with help from Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU).
Only a few days after the "Black Monday" disqualification announcement, a record number of union militants gathered in Cleveland for the twenty-second annual convention of Teamsters for a Democratic Union, looking for both members and strategy to save their union.
In a story with an overabundance of ironies, Carey is now chucked out by the same process that helped bring him to the lead in the first place; and the reformers in Teamsters for a Democratic Union, who benefited most from the government's overwhelming regulation of the union's affairs, now have the most to lose.