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Second, the measurement model was modified by removing Item4 of teamwork quality and Item7 of IS project success and then re-examined for the model fit.
This study provides a research model to the social and organizational view from the team attitude and behavior perspective by relating teamwork quality to IS project success directly.
The findings suggest that motivated team members and high teamwork quality can increase IS project success rate.
Given the unsatisfactory IS project success rate, the most notable contribution of this study is that the well-known teamwork quality construct was directly related to IS project success in the research model as well as empirically demonstrated its positive relationship to IS project success.
Future research may extend the research model by investigating six facets of the teamwork quality construct.
Relating Collaborative Technology Use to Teamwork Quality and Performance: An Empirical Analysis.
Teamwork Quality and the Success of Innovative Projects: A Theoretical Concept and Empirical Evidence.