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AcronymDefinition (video platform)
TTVThrough the Viewfinder (photography)
TTVTrue the Vote (Houston, TX)
TTVTen Thousand Villages (trade fair; various locations)
TTVTrue Tape Virtualization
TTVTotal Thickness Variation (semiconductor wafer planarity)
TTVTransfusion Transmitted Virus
TTVTochigi TV (Japan)
TTVTotal Transaction Value
TTVTapping the Vein (band)
TTVTama TV (Japan)
TTVTime to Value
TTVTouching the Void (film)
TTVTip The Van (band)
TTVTarget Test Vehicle
TTVTable Tennis Victoria (Australia)
TTVTenth Thickness Value
TTVTourism Television
TTVTennis de Table de Venizel (French: Table Tennis Venizel; Venizel, France)
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"TechTV.Pk will cover all events from Pakistan, related to science and technology educational activities.
TechTV - in a statement - said that main objective is to promote Science and Technology in the country.
The software is called "Anti-Keylogger" and its primary purpose is to hunt down the monitoring program and expose it, so you can delete it.", - writes Mick Lockey (editor of TechTV cable television channel) March 7, 2002 in review "Fight back!
TechTV. Available at:,24195,3306786,00.html (subscription required).
TechTV, a cable television channel covering technology news, information, and entertainment 24 hours a day, announced a content agreement with to exchange technology-related editorial content.
Consumer Alert Policy Analyst James Plummer appeared on cable/satellite station TechTV's TechLive news show on August 16 to discuss the proposed legality of cell-phone jamming devices.
Chief Editor monthly 'Global Science', Karachi, Aleem Ahmed; and Editorial Consultant Express Tribune, Khalid Rahman, delivered the keynote lectures, while Ameen Amjad Khan, a freelance journalist; Saadia Ishtiaq Nauman, Lecturer FJWU; Sayed Paras Ali, Editor weekly Technology Times, and CEO web-based TechTV; addressed on the occasion.
The project named, has recently started its beta version,and the plan was to launch its full version by August 14,but now the organizations are looking for some funding, an oficial told Media.
"Follow its directions and you will be bending the laws of reality while getting a good night's rest." - techTV
(11.) Jim Goldman, Florida Family to Get VeriChip, TechTV, Feb.
"TechTV Specials," Doc; Single subjects that explore the technology behind popular culture and favorite pastimes.
The second misconception is that advanced IT librarians are as hip as the techiest of the "next generation." I read Wired, I watch TechTV, I browse Slashdot, and I was born between Nixon and the IBM PC, but few will ever know me by my user name, and I still feel a year behind some curves.