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Provision of technical human resources and budgetary allocation must be ensured to see that commitments are being followed.'
- 60% Technical value of the offer appreciated with the help of the technical brief (material and technical human resources 15% - organization of the site 15% - characteristics of the main supplies 15% - environmental respect 15%)
For 50 years, CAI has been a trusted local source for helping organizations navigate through murky workplace compliance issues, employee and labor relations situations, and technical human resources matters.
The official said there was a dire need of concerted and sustained steps to reduce the impacts of disasters, but due to lack of technical human resources, the NDMA was facing problems to perform its designated role properly.
The aggressive growth of plastics processing being planned for the Middle East will generate great demand for qualified and capable technical human resources, along with expanded access to plastics engineering knowledge, according to SPE's president Jon Ratzlaff.
It also enables both medical and technical human resources to benefit more and view the latest international medical practices and techniques.
Developing administrative and technical human resources that support the role played by the sports authorities and officials to efficiently contribute in developing the human resources in the field of sports.
Developing the administrative and technical human resources that support the role played by the sports leaders preparation centre to efficiently contribute to developing the human resources in the sports filed.
India has vast trained technical human resources and the UAE has vast financial resources.
Award criteria: the most economically advantageous offer appreciated according to the criteria stated below: price: 40% - site-specific material technical human resources: 15% - organization of the company for the realization of the works: 15% - execution procedure for the implementation of equipment: 15% - taking into account the constraints specific to the site: 13% - site visit: 2% -
technical human resources used to perform market services (15%), equipment characteristics survey (5%), evaluation of maintenance facilities (10%), analysis of maintenance indicators (5%) , technical assistance on recurring breakdowns (5%), estimate analysis (5%), information and communication (10%) 55% -
Tenders are invited for Proposals for technical human resources for scanning and data processing software images having omr/ocr/icr/barcode/micr features
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