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TIBTime in Business
TIBTechnische Informationsbibliothek (Germany)
TIBTree-In-Bud (radiologic pattern)
TIBTree Information Base
TIBTera Binary Byte
TIBTerminal Input Buffer
TIBthe Image Bank
TIBTebibyte (2^40 bytes)
TIBThread Information Block (Windows data structure)
TIBTechnical Information Bulletin (Sprint)
TIBTransportation Improvement Board
TIBThe Independent BankersBank (Irving, Texas)
TIBThe Insurance Brokers (New Zealand)
TIBTrust Investment Bank
TIBThe Information Bus(TIBCO Software, Inc)
TIBTake It Back (Pink Floyd song)
TIBTemporary Importation Under Bond (customs)
TIBTops In Blue (US Air Force talent show)
TIBTebibit (2^40 bits)
TIBTake the Internet Back
TIBTaishin International Bank (Taipei, Taiwan)
TIBTag Information Base (Cisco)
TIBTemporary Import Bond
TIBTrustee in Bankruptcy (UK)
TIBThe Incredible Bulk
TIBTransport de les Illes Balears (Catalan: Transport on the Balearic Islands)
TIBThrift Investment Board
TIBTotal Time in Bed
TIBTask Information Base (ITU-T M 3000)
TIBTest Interface Board
TIBText Input Box
TIBTactical Intelligence Battalion (US Army)
TIBThe Internet Bureau
TIBTarget Indicator Bomb
TIBTechnology Investment Board
TIBTenant's Improvements and Betterments (insurance)
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The notice also indicated that a revision to CRA's technical information bulletin B-032R, Registered Pension Plans, would be sufficient to address this issue.
Urological Aspects of Rehabilitations in Spinal Cord Injuries," Journal of the American Medical Association (May 19, 1951), 225; and idem, Spinal Cord Injuries, Technical Information Bulletin, TB 10-503, December 15, 1948 (Washington, D.
NSPI also circulated prevention and safety guidelines to its membership in a newsletter and bulk e-mail, and recommended that members read "NSPI Technical Information Bulletin on Proper Water Sanitation to Prevent Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis," which is located on the organization's Web site at www.
Recently, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a Technical Information Bulletin and information resource outlining the potential benefits of AED programs and encouraging employers to make these devices available in the workplace.
In a Technical Information Bulletin released April 12, 1999, the U.
A technical information bulletin provides information on a new grade of Aerosil fumed silica engineered for silicone rubber formulations.
In a Technical Information Bulletin released April 12, OSHA outlined recommendations that can reduce the risk of exposure to latex proteins.
A technical information bulletin, TI 1148, outlines the characteristics of these grades in detail.
The new policy is explained in Technical Information Bulletin B-037R, Imported Computer software dated November 1, 1994, and in Customs MemOrandum D13-11-6, Determining Value For Duty of Computer Software dated November 23, 1994.
Technical Information Bulletin B-074 entitled "Guidelines for the Reduction of Penalty and Interest in Wash Transaction Situations" has recently been released.
As you are aware, Revenue Canada has reviewed its current administrative practice -- described in Technical Information Bulletin B-032, entitled Registered Pension Plans and Registered Retirement Savings Plans -- and has undertaken to develop a revised administrative practice.
2) As part of the process, Revenue Canada should consider updating the Input Tax Credit Information Regulations, the Credit Note Information Regulations, and several Technical Information Bulletins.
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