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TEDETotal Effective Dose Equivalent
TEDETechnology Enhanced Distance Education
TEDETotal Equivalent Dose Exposure
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TEDE entered the first quartile (Q1) of its peer journals based on its worldwide impact under the "Economics" category of the ISI Web of Science.
Thus, the TEDE was designed to be specific to teaching children with deafblindness and focused on the kinds of skills that are necessary to teach these children.
In order to determine the effectiveness of this training program, the cumulative TEDE to the staff of the IPM clinic was compared before and after the training.
the plural genitive forms of the personal pronouns mede and tede and several words for natural objects, (2) the similarities which are the result of language contacts and adstratum phenomena--most common traits belong to this group, and (3) the phonological and morphosyntactic features that raise the question about the Livonian substratum in southern Parnumaa dialects, e.
El software que utilizan es TEDE simplificado, el cual fue modificado de acuerdo a las necesidades de la institucion.
Germany's two largest cellular providers, TeDe Mobil and D2 Mannesmann, both offer substantial discounts for journalists.
Evaluacion durante el seguimiento: Prueba TEDE de lectura inicial (Berdicewski O.
In fact, the reality of sexual possibility in the Nicaragua of the 1980s was more complex than I'd first thought, as I learned when gay solidarity activist Tede Matthews showed me his Managua photos.
The correspondents are the volume's two editors - the composer and writer Charles Shere and the singer Margery Tede - plus the San Franciscans Victor Rowley and Stanley Yarnell.
X:30b: boltuyai tede ere boged in the print of 1312) affirm that here and there Chos-kyi 'od-zer, to whom we owe those beautiful stave-rhyme strophes of the postscript, tried to render his prose more rhythmic (cf.
The next weekend was a memorial reading for Tede Matthews, a gay white American who had managed the Modern Times bookstore in San Francisco, and who had died of AIDS in July.
In his long maritime career, Tede traveled the world; now he focuses on a love of wine and his own winery.