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TCCOTelephone Company Central Office
TCCOTime Compensated Crystal Oscillator
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That meant that the data would go from a terminal user back to the telephone company central office over an analog trunk.
Within the MTSO are landline trunk connections to all call sites and to a telephone company central office. There's also an electronic switching system consisting of processors, memory, switching network, trunk circuits and miscellaneous service circuits.
In addition to the carrier access charge, long distance carriers incur charges to link their main switching office (points of presence) in each metropolitan area to a telephone company central office in each local calling zone.
Advances in copper technology, enabling greater bandwidth to much farther distances from telephone company central offices, help to make this strategy possible.
Last fall, Lucent Technologies introduced two Stinger remote terminals that can be deployed outdoors in cabinets instead of in telephone company central offices. The terminals may be deployed alone or with a digital loop carrier (DLC) system.
Such payphones use their own "intelligence" to perform certain functions traditionally provided by software in telephone company central offices. The technology, blended with BellSouth's proprietary service system, means that customers will benefit from even higher levels of reliability at BellSouth payphones.
Many telephone company central offices are not yet equipped to deliver the caller ID service to the recipient.