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TELCONTelephone Conversation
TELCONTelephone Conference (communication method)
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The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) have joined forces with telephone conference company Mind Your Own Business for tonight's event, which marks European SME Week.
It is many ways preferable to telephone conference calls since it not only offers voice-over-IP, but also text-chatting, co-browsing, video-over-IP and document sharing.
A problem with telephone conference groups is that, unlike sitting around a table in the bar of a public house, there is no sight or physical contact like a handshake when introduced.
BUSINESSMEN and women have taken part in telephone conference calls wearing pyjamas, underwear - or nothing at all, according to a study.
Loose forward Elsom won't be able to play again until September 1, while his appeal will be heard by a telephone conference tomorrow with the Wallabies due to play South Africa in Johannesburg on Saturday.
However, Eric Claus, chairman and chief executive officer of A&P, spoke about the hybrid concept during a telephone conference call with analysts on July 21.
In August 2003, after a telephone conference with an IRS Appeals Officer, the Service sent them a Notice of Determination, which stated that the lien was correctly filed.
He said: 'We will arrange a telephone conference because the urgency of the situation is too important to wait until we could get the full committee together
Japan and Russia are scheduling a telephone conference between their foreign ministers to discuss Russian President Vladimir Putin's planned visit to Japan, Chief Cabinet Secretary Hiroyuki Hosoda said Thursday.
Her mornings at Port Beaumont started with a telephone conference with SDDC Operations Center's rail team, major railroad representatives, and port and installation representatives involved in deployment and redeployment moves.
Comments about collaborating highlight the need for regular telephone conference meetings to establish assignments, to plan and for support, to discuss policies and goals, and to carry out the shared task of writing composites of double-blind peer reviews (Table 4).
We introduced our author reading series, Black Mondays at Borders, in New York City and conducted a successful book dub essay contest in which the Columbia, South Carolina-based group Reading Between the Wines won a personal telephone conference session with the authors Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant.