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TWXTeletypewriter Exchange
TWXTeletypewriter Exchange Service (AT&T)
TWXTeletypewriter Exchange Service
TWXTeletypewriter Message
TWXTeletype Communications
TWXTeletype Transmission
TWXCommercial Teletypewriter Exchange System (US Navy)
TWXNaval Message
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Teletypewriter exchange service is defined as access from a teletypewriter or such data station and the privilege of intercommunication with substantially all persons having teletypewriter or other such data stations; see Sec.
4251 imposes a 3% Federal excise tax on amounts paid for communications services, which, for these purposes, is defined as (1) local telephone service, (2) toll telephone ser vice and (3) teletypewriter exchange service.
The IRS found that payments for these two services were not subject to the tax, because they were not for local telephone service, toll telephone service or teletypewriter exchange service.