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TVATennessee Valley Authority
TVATaxe Sur La Valeur Ajoutee (France-Belgium)
TVATorsional Vibration Analysis
TVATele Video Agrigento (Italian broadcaster; Agrigento, Italy)
TVATelefono Verde AIDS (Italian AIDS service)
TVATelevision Aichi Broadcasting (Japan)
TVATaxe à la Valeur Ajoutée (French: Value Added Tax)
TVATorfaen Voluntary Alliance (UK)
TVATaxa pe Valoare Adaugata (Romanian: Tax on Added Value)
TVAToronto Vegetarian Association (Toronto, Canada)
TVATransverse Abdominis (abdominal muscle)
TVATemporary Value Adjustment
TVATelephone VoIP Adapter (trademark of Citel plc)
TVATelevisão Abril (Brazil)
TVATelevision Authority
TVAThe Venture Alliance (Irvine, CA)
TVATotal Value Added
TVAThreat and Vulnerability Assessment (information security)
TVAToxic Vapor Analyzer
TVATarif- und Verkehrsanzeiger (German)
TVATarget Value Analysis
TVATubulovillous Adenoma
TVAThe Vermiculite Association (international trade association)
TVATexas Vegetable Association
TVATelevision Bureau of Advertising
TVATelevision Aerial
TVATaxe à la Valeur Ajouté (French: Value Added Tax)
TVATechnology Validation Assurance
TVATechnical Vulnerability Assessment
TVATélévision Associée (Francophone television network, Quebec, Canada)
TVATelevision Addiction
TVATime Variant Amplitude
TVAThrust Vector Actuator (missiles)
TVATelefon-Vermittlungs-Anlage (German:telephony exchange)
TVATasa al Valor Agregado (Spanish)
TVATarget Value Assessment
TVAThrust Vector Alignment (US NASA)
TVATemporary Variance Authorization
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25 MHz); Nigeria Television Authority (NTA), Kotangora, Channel 8 (196.
The Nigerian Television Authority broadcasts the program on Saturday nights, and its repeat broadcasts, which take place on Sunday evenings, are typically sandwiched between musical performances by young Nigerian pop stars.
Infamously the show ended in 1965 when the chairman of the Independent Television Authority, Charles Hill, paid a visit to STV's Glasgow studios during which he observed an edition of the popular daytime entertainment show .
Department of Education from 2001-2011 when the last two remaining grantees, Alabama Public Television Authority and PBS' TeacherLine completed their projects.
There was the presenter saying welcome to the chairman of the Independent Television Authority when a close-up of a sheep appeared on the screen bleating to the camera.
The assets of RTI (Radiodiffusion Television Ivoirienne), the country's radio and television authority, have been frozen for public incitement of hatred and violence via participation in misinformation campaigns in connection with the 2010 presidential elections, according to the text.
An anchor on the state-run Nigerian Television Authority gave a death toll of 30 to viewers Friday night.
The powerful Council would operate within a new authority created through the fusion of the national radio and television authority (ORTT) and the telecom authority (NHH), and its head would be appointed by the prime minister.
Syrian Information Minister Mohsen Bilal said a bilateral agreement on information cooperation was signed by the government-run Radio and Television Authority in Syria and its counterpart in Iran, the newspaper said.
My enquiries reveal that the YFC movement has revealed their desire to the authorities of S4C for parts if not all of the annual Eisteddfod to be presented on S4C, but that no positive reply has been received from the television authority in the past.
He has worked extensively with the State Regents for Higher Education and Oklahoma Higher Education Television Authority to promote the most effective use of technology in learning.
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