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TVATennessee Valley Authority
TVATaxe Sur La Valeur Ajoutee (France-Belgium)
TVATorsional Vibration Analysis
TVATele Video Agrigento (Italian broadcaster; Agrigento, Italy)
TVATelefono Verde AIDS (Italian AIDS service)
TVATelevision Aichi Broadcasting (Japan)
TVATaxe à la Valeur Ajoutée (French: Value Added Tax)
TVATorfaen Voluntary Alliance (UK)
TVATaxa pe Valoare Adaugata (Romanian: Tax on Added Value)
TVAToronto Vegetarian Association (Toronto, Canada)
TVATransverse Abdominis (abdominal muscle)
TVATemporary Value Adjustment
TVATelephone VoIP Adapter (trademark of Citel plc)
TVATelevisão Abril (Brazil)
TVATelevision Authority
TVAThe Venture Alliance (Irvine, CA)
TVATotal Value Added
TVAThreat and Vulnerability Assessment (information security)
TVAToxic Vapor Analyzer
TVATarif- und Verkehrsanzeiger (German)
TVATarget Value Analysis
TVATubulovillous Adenoma
TVAThe Vermiculite Association (international trade association)
TVATexas Vegetable Association
TVATelevision Bureau of Advertising
TVATelevision Aerial
TVATaxe à la Valeur Ajouté (French: Value Added Tax)
TVATechnology Validation Assurance
TVATechnical Vulnerability Assessment
TVATélévision Associée (Francophone television network, Quebec, Canada)
TVATelevision Addiction
TVATime Variant Amplitude
TVAThrust Vector Actuator (missiles)
TVATelefon-Vermittlungs-Anlage (German:telephony exchange)
TVATasa al Valor Agregado (Spanish)
TVATarget Value Assessment
TVAThrust Vector Alignment (US NASA)
TVATemporary Variance Authorization
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Total adjusted Year ABC CBS NBC Total for inflation 1980 1,877.0 1,701.0 1,569.3 5,147.3 6246.7 1981 2,009.2 1,898.0 1,685.6 5,592.8 6152.7 1982 2,216.5 2,157.6 1,858.1 6,232.3 6458.3 1983 2,495.7 2,373.1 2,172.8 7,041.6 7069.9 1984 3,236.2 2,828.2 2,490.9 8,555.3 8234.2 1985 2,688.5 2,887.0 2,738.0 8,313.5 7726.3 1986 2,577.1 2,869.3 3,153.7 8,600.1 7846.8 1987 2,678.7 2,825.4 3,310.3 8,814.4 7759.2 1988 3,024.3 2,735.6 3,820.4 9,580.4 8098.4 1989 3,019.8 2,858.9 3,680.2 9,559.1 7709.0 1990 3,234.1 3,177.2 3,721.8 10,133.1 7770.8 (1) Television Bureau of Advertising, 1991.
homes had a TV set, according to the Television Bureau of Advertising. By the time Kennedy was sworn in, that percentage had increased nearly tenfold.
The 2010 Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB) reports that people age 18-plus watched 319 minutes of television a day, the Internet at 156.6 minutes, the radio at 91.2 minutes, newspapers at 26.4 minutes and mobile devices at 19.2 minutes per day.
In a recent meeting with Chris Rohrs, president of the Television Bureau of Advertising, the conversation turned to the softness TV stations were feeling in their local markets.
The Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB), the association of local U.S.
The Television Bureau of Advertising tallied up $531 million in station revenue from political spots in 1998, the biggest election year haul ever.
According to data from the Television Bureau of Advertising, Albertson's increased its television spending by 52% from 1986 to 1987.
Total spending on political advertisements on local broadcast television in 2018 set an all-time record for a midterm cycle-- and any previous election cycle -- based on Kantar Media/CMAG data released late Wednesday by the Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB) .
TVB, which used to be known more formally as the Television Bureau of Advertising, is not about to let marketers forget about the power of the tube.
"We've got a kid on a bike, and he's tossing television sets, instead of newspapers," says Ave Butensky, president of the Television Bureau of Advertising, which represents nearly 500 local TV stations and commissioned the spot.
The broadcast networks have also begun to explore the possibility of an alliance with the Television Bureau of Advertising, a New York-based trade group that represents local TV stations.
According to the Television Bureau of Advertising, drugstores increased TV time expenditures by 63%, 1981 through 1983, which is twice the percent gain for supermarket TV advertising.
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