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When I was leaving Oldham on Saturday I had to look at the television three times because I couldn't believe the score.
Hurley told Australia's SBS television three or four MEF members were injured and hospitalized after the fight.
When Saher was first introduced on Egyptian television three years ago, it was cautiously as "the Arab singer".
Suddenly it was all too much: Cardinal Kuharic's Christmas wishes tht had been broacast on television three times in the course of the evening, the broacasts live from Rome, live from Bethlehem, live from the Zagreb Cathedral.
Craigie senior said: Sam has played on television three times and on every occasion he has made a century break.
News of the document's existence was broadcast by Israeli Channel 2 television three weeks ago.
"I've moved that television three times now and he always offers to pay me.
My earliest sporting recollections include radio commentary of Arsenal v Liverpool in 1950, and being mesmerised watching the Matthews final on television three years later.
The show is being made by the same production firm that brought a controversial seance with the late Princess Diana to television three years ago.
His appearance on The Weakest Link, filmed eight days ago and shown on television three days ago, had seen Roddick at his least comfortable.
POP duo Jemini were today appearing on breakfast television three days after the disastrous performance in the Eurovision Song contest that saw them awarded an historic "nil points".
Margaret Benham, aged 33, a hospital practice manager, from North London, had cosmetic surgery on television three months ago.