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"Television Without Pity was once one of the best destinations for TV commentary.
The site quickly grew beyond just "Dawson's Creek," changing its name to "Mighty Big TV" and then "Television Without Pity." Its motto remained the same: "Spare the snark, spoil the networks." 
This helps explain the despair Gail expressed about the sudden closure of the Television Without Pity discussion boards, a despair that simply would not have pertained if a television network shut its doors.
It's hard to imagine the Internet without Television Without Pity. io9.
NBCUniversal-owned DailyCandy and Television Without Pity will be shut down.
To make themselves heard by the network UPN and Mutant Enemy Productions (makers of Buffy), they've taken out ads in Television Without Pity (
As Josh Levin explained in a 2011 Slate piece, Sepinwall has become a legend within the world of TV criticism for pioneering a new form of television criticism that is increasingly everywhere on the Internet--episode-by-episode analyses of shows that are a bit like the snarky recaps made famous by Television Without Pity, but that also aim to unpack subtext and the hidden meanings buried within the programs.
Tara Ariano, co-owner of fan site Television Without Pity, says viewers who post represent a very small demographic of the overall TV audience.