TelfTeléfono (Spanish: telephone)
TelfTamil Eelam Liberation Front (Sri Lanka)
TelfTracheal Epithelial Lining Fluid
TelfTactical Extremely Low Frequency
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Economic growth (RGDP) and agricultural output (AGRI) are indicated by [y.sub.t] and [x.sub.t] is the vector matrix which represents a set of explanatory variables such as [.Xt = RGFCF, TELF, TOC, TEC, TGC, IR] and [Xt = TELF, RGFCF, TOC, TGC, TEC, ACRDT] for Model-1 and Model-2 and t denotes time indicator.
(a) Departamento de Didactica de las Ciencias Sociales, Universidad del Pais Vasco UPV-EHU Telf.: (34) 946017544.
Gateshead boss Ian Bogie said: "Tomorrow is a huge game for both sides as fellow high-flyers Southport and Telf ord are both on FA Trophy duty.
The Dane has flown in especially to compete in the star-studded event at Telf ord and knows he's putting his safety on the line.
You are on an embankment half a mile long and 100ft high, created by the renowned engineer Thomas Telf ord.
"If I make mistakes then I'm certain Telf will be ready to come in and replace me.
5, Sector El Jobo, Betijoque, Telefax 0271-6632414; Telf. 0271-6630696; correo-e: ; ;
Although Brenna put in a good run she didn't finish in the top ten, though Emma did become English Nursery champion with another of her dogs, Telf Joff.
(a) Centro de Investigacion Avanzada en Educacion, Universidad de Chile Telf.: (56) 22978 2762.
Plaza de Aragon, 8,22880 Canfranc-Estacion, (Huesca) Telf: 974 373146
Past and present stars from the teams including Beardsley, Toon defender Peter Ramage, and England women's football internationals Steph Houghton and Carly Telf ord, will be at the academy's official opening.
The colossal structure, which crosses the Dee Valley at a height of 126 feet, was designed and built by engineers Thomas Telf ord and William Jessop between 1802 and 1805.