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TELNETTelephone Network
TELNETTelecommunications Network
TELNETTelephony Network
TELNETNetwork Virtual Terminal Protocol (Internet)
TELNETTeletypewriter Network
TELNETTeleconferencing Network
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Using Pragma's SSH and Telnet servers, customers' benefits in Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 include:
The Director General of FVC stated that the partnership between Polycom and TELNET HOLDING Group dates back to more than 15 years and the agreement signed September 7, 2012 between FVC and Data BOX on the one hand and Tunisie Telecom on the other hand is the first such agreement to be signed with a telecommunications operator in North Africa.
During the meeting, Director General of Telnet Holding Mohamed Frikha briefed the government delegation on the activities and mission of CHNST and on the Task Force and the innovating projects made by the committee since its creation.
By incorporating Telnet and SSH connectivity from Pragma Systems with the HP Integrity platform, enterprises can benefit from a truly secure, mission-critical environment.
Notess (1993) describes the various databases that LC made available via telnet, including a database of copyright registrations and another with information about federal legislation.
Georgia SoftWorks is a privately held software development company that has obtained worldwide presence with its industrial Telnet Server for Windows NT/2000.
While some vendor-specific packages provide a wealth of information beyond that of ordinary telnet or even SNMP, the cost/benefit decision remains.
Union Telnet QuickLink gives patrons read-only access to the union's OPAC, so librarians have no need to worry about system security, according to Follett.
Users can telnet to the system that carries their e-mail accounts, log on as usual, and proceed to read and send e-mail.
NCSA Telnet has been in the public domain since 1987.
As one of our long-standing customers, we are pleased to expand GENBAND's relationship with TelNet Worldwide and help them migrate to an all-IP infrastructure," said Pablo Gargiulo, President of Global Operations at GENBAND.
mobileWeb from telnet offers features that are optimized for the mobile world, like automatic click to call, map and directions, and business SMS information.