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TELNORTelefonos del Noroeste
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Telnor is selling both the Gateway 3010m and the Gateway 3020m bundled with a choice of 24 months of Prodigy Infinitum broadband or Prodigy dial-up Internet service.
Plus, Gateway PCs are complemented by the broadband and dial-up services offered by Telnor to give customers a superior computing experience.
The Telnor cheque for pounds 33,000 has shown that its the same old building.
Like someone finding a load of unpaid bills, he stumbles across the papers showing that the party had received pounds 33,000 from Telnor.
TELNOR has done a tremendous job in creating brand and product awareness of IRIS through numerous on-going marketing campaigns.
We are very excited with the availability of IRIS and our strong relationship with TELNOR," said Dean Weber, president and CEO of One Voice Technologies.
One Voice with our partners TELMEX and TELNOR will be the first to actually launch these advanced services on a massive scale," said Dean Weber, president and CEO of One Voice Technologies.
Mexico's largest telecommunications provider, Telnor, heard of the project and decided to partner with SMI.
Excited about this first time opportunity, Telnor provided the high-speed bandwidth and placed the line in a small cabana adjacent to the fields.
29, 1997--Tekelec (NASDAQ/NM:TKLC) Network Switching Division announced the acceptance of the EAGLE STP (Signal Transfer Point) in the TELNOR network.
Other International telecommunication companies to contract with Brock in 1995 include: TelNor (Norway), TeleFonica (Spain), Telecom Italia (Italy), OmniTel (Italy), France Telecom (France) and Dutch PTT (Netherlands).
Telmex's affiliates include Telcel, the largest cellular provider in Mexico, and Telnor, which serves the large northwestern part of the country.