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TELOTamil Eelam Liberation Organization
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Dave Borland's service to the United States and his leadership in promoting the effective use of technology in the government made him an ideal choice for the Board," said John Wood, president and CEO, Telos Corporation.
In the fourth chapter, the author examines the manner in which Shakespeare's sonnets use the language and ideology of usury, the abuse of money's natural telos as a means of facilitating the exchange of goods, in his sophisticated analysis of homosexuality, an abuse of sexuality's natural telos as the means of reproduction.
Timely employee threat assessments are essential to airport operations," said Telos ID President Mark Griffin.
29 /PRNewswire/ -- Cruise Technologies and Telos Corporation today announced a licensing agreement, whereby CruiseConnect wireless thin client technology will be incorporated into Telos' new MobilePAD(TM) wireless Windows terminals.
SRQ takes great pride in its convenient, comfortable, secure and stress-free atmosphere," said Mark Griffin, president of Telos ID.
We look forward to continued interaction with Telos as they form up their law enforcement posse.
He is a member of the bar in the state of Maryland, where Telos is incorporated.
Suzanne Bakewell, c/o Telos Corporation, 460 Herndon Parkway, Herndon, Virginia 22070.
Telos ID's DAC service is proving essential to airports large and small," said Telos ID President Mark Griffin.
Telos will manufacture and test all systems in its Herndon manufacturing facility and perform site surveys and installation for all U.
TPA joins a rapidly expanding list of airports taking advantage of the flexibility and efficiency of Telos ID DAC services," said Telos ID President Mark Griffin.
and Telos will sell and implement Pharmatel, which is a set of programs, products and consulting services designed to significantly speed up the time to market for pharmaceutical companies seeking FDA product approval.