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T2KTokai to Kamioka (particle physics experiment; Japan)
T2KTempest 2000 (game; sequel to Tempest)
T2KTeach2000 (file extension)
T2KText to Knowledge (information technology)
T2KTime 2 Kill (gaming clan)
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Champ Asterocks (s/w), Champ Centiped Em (f/w), Colossal Cave Adventure (f/w), Tempest 2000 (s/w), and Pong - Level 3 ( Interesource).
No matter how much you praise its slick gameplay and lightening-fast graphics, Tempest 2000 simply doesn't sound like a good game, and its screen shots don't do it any justice at all.
The company will release four CD-ROM titles within the first quarter of 1996: Tempest 2000, Highlander, Baldies, and FlipOut
Enthusiasts will be able to enjoy updated Atari classics such as Missile Command 3D, Tempest 2000 and Return to Crystal Castles.
Priced at $149 suggested retail, the CD peripheral comes bundled with a free software bonus pack containing Blue Lighting, an air combat title; Vid Grid, a music video puzzle; a demo of the first level of Myst, the wildly popular role-playing game, and the soundtrack to Tempest 2000, Atari's best-selling title.